Third Sector: Coops, Mutuals and Social Enterprises/

Neoliberalisation of the third sector is almost complete

This is my online presentation at 2023 ANSER-ARES Conference ( Conference of the Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research) on MON 29 MAY 2023 at the University of Toronto

Social Enterprise in Scotland Has Almost Run its Course

This is my presentation made to the Open University Scotland Research Seminar on Monday 18 April 2023. It’s rather shorter than other presentations to make space for another presentation Open University Research Seminar For an updating note on my book “How Blair Killed the Coops”, please see Updating Note on “How Blair Killed the Coops”

Updating Note on my “How Blair Killed the Coops” book

Colleagues have been asking what’s been happening since the publication of my Manchester University Press book in November 2021. This is an “updating note”, which I circulated in April 2023.

If You Work It, You Should Control It: Reflections on How Policy is Made

This is a presentation made to the West Midlands Coops Member Education Group on Thursday 23 February 2023 ACTUAL West Midlands Presentation

Returning Coops to the Political Agenda

Presentation to ‘Which Way Forward for Coops?’ Conference, Manchester Friday 21 October 2022 ACTUAL Which Way Forward

Sustainability of Services with Non Profits

Hangzhou International Academy, China, Saturday 17 September 2022 ACTUAL HANGZHOU China.

Spring Edition of ‘Stir to Action’ Magazine

In this clip Les is interviewed by Jonny Gordon-Farleigh from STIR to Action, with illustration by Will Brown. This also shows the ‘Right of Reply’ given to Coops UK Stir to Action Magazine.

β€œIs marketisation of the third sector stoppable?” Returning Local Democracy to Mainstream Public Discourse

Les drafted this presentation for the Stir to Action Festival (Tuesday 12 July till Thursday 14 July 2022, at Selgars Mill New Economy Centre, Cullompton, Devon on Thursday 14 July 2022. Unfortunately, through testing positive for COVID, he was unable to attend. Stir to Action Presentation, Selgars Mill New Economy Centre, THU 14 JUL 2022

How Tony Blair killed off co-operatives as he pursued his ‘third way’ – Kenny MacAskill MP

This is Kenny MacAskill’s piece in the “Scotsman” on THU 30 JUN 2022 about Les Huckfield’s book “How Blair Killed the Coops”. Les is grateful to Kenny for his careful consideration of some detailed argument. This is the link to Kenny’s Scotsman piece: How Tony Blair killed off co-operatives as he pursued his ‘third way’ […]

University of Limerick Presentation Wednesday 02 March 2022

YouTube of University of Limerick Presentation Download the presentation slides below: University of Limerick PowerPoint Presentation

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