What I’m Currently Researching

I am pleased to be working on a joint research project “Comparative Analysis of Ireland’s and Scotland’s Approach to the Development of National Social Enterprise Policies” with Deiric O’Broin and Gerard Doyle, Professor of Public Policy Practice and Lecturer at Dublin City University, which we hope initially to be published as an article in Administration, the peer reviewed journal of the Institute of Public Administration in Ireland, and elsewhere later.

For each country, we are seeking to map the trajectory of the policy formulation process, key influences and what commonalities/differences might tell us about these processes in the two different systems. Our research might also serve as benchmark for work later as we map the potential BREXIT-influenced divergences.

Right now, I’ve just completed 11 interviews from across a wide spectrum of opinions and background across Scotland. These are conducted on the usual academic basis of anonymity and confidentiality. Each interview is taking place online, with transcriptions.

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